About me

‘I’m Sparkletits, I’m Sparkletits, I’M SPARKLETITS that’s me’

Hi, Yes I am Sparkletits and I would like to show you the real me- I don’t mean sending you selfies, but sharing my inner thoughts, fantasies, random musings and yes at times insights into my Mental health.

Me ♥️
I am 43 and only found myself aged 39…. yes really!! For this I thank with all my heart…. a man, who I will refer to as C – he showed me how to love myself again – I totally love him and will always love him for that. ♥️

I’ve always had a penchant for being naughty – I tried knife play with my first boyfriend- my school boyfriend!! – picture it, we were aged 16 …in his bedroom I told him to lay still and trust me….I skilfully ran the knife around his top lip…onto his philtrum….he sneezed and I stabbed his left nostril!! I digress lol…..but that left me wanting more? Not the stabbing of nostrils!! …..but exploring everything and anything especially pain play in any form. Needless to say, I still am on that journey, it’s a slow and steady journey but I am loving it.

In a world away from pain…I love gin, tea, sausages, pizza and like to talk nonsense about these subjects often!!

As I have mentioned i do suffer with my Mental Health and like to chat openly about this part of my life, I hope that being honest and open about my MH will show others that they are not alone.

I have been derailed by life several times, but I bounce back – cue the music  🎵 🎶 “I get knocked down, but I get up again, You are never gonna keep me down” 🎶🎵….thank you Chumbawamba for being the back song to my life!!

…..so welcome to my blog – buckle up and never feed me after midnight, no matter how much I beg.


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