Oh my god look at her butt…. ok let’s not look but let’s talk about butts….and in particular Anal sex…..since when did bum fun become a prerequisite/life or death situation when finding a playmate? – *reads bio •no bum fun• *swipes right…..hesitates….swipes back…I can mould them into my way of thinking mwahahaha (evil laugh).

Recently getting to know a couple of guys on social media, all going good until….dramatic pause I told them I don’t like anal sex….*cue the long inhale of breath and the Eastenders doof doof….I can almost hear them rolling their eyes in exasperation – I’ve had remarks from these guys, when we’ve chatted about meeting up- positively pressuring me into partaking in anal play.. surely if someone has a hard limit, they shouldn’t be badgered into doing something they don’t like or to be made to feel that their choice of hard limit is a joke?

And don’t get me started on guys dismissing and mocking my inability to orgasm, yes I can’t orgasm through penetration or fingers unless with the aid of a buzzy toy ….I’m not the only one, it’s more common than people think many don’t reach orgasm this way and that’s ok.

You know a buzzy toy is my best friend, but sometimes I struggle to climax with a toy and I feel a failure and have had comments like “bet I could make you cum” or “you’ve had the rest now have the best” or “my tongue can make you cum” swirling around my head, doesn’t help either….this in itself is a form of manipulation.

Look out for red flags when chatting to new people, there are lots of information to help you gauge the good from the bad, but trust your instincts.

Butt…..⬅️ see what I did there!! I’m chuffing hilarious sometimes…..getting back to bums….Now I hate anal I’ve tried it and it doesn’t float my boat, but do I make others who do like it, feel rubbish for liking it – no I do not ~ YKINMKBYKIOK!!

The time I did try I must admit I was pretty naive about anal play – I had previously tried it when I was 16 with my school boyfriend but it hurt and we stopped , if I can remember that far back back before wheels were invented he only managed to get the tip in and I was done for, shouting at him to get out!!

Fast forward a decade or two and I was keen to try new things with my then FB but no it wasn’t for me….not everyone is going to have the same likes and that’s life!! but no one should force or belittle anyone and this includes making comments that could push a person into partaking in a hard limit…..if the nagging in your gut telling you that this person is trying to pressure you, they probably are- trust your instincts

And with the world getting back to ‘normal’ *what is normal atm? ….lots of you will be wanting to meet up with the people you’ve been chatting to online over the last few months….that’s all well and good but be safe please …*you’ve chatted in DMs & hit it off, you’ve exchanged Kik or snapchat details, then it progresses – a dates been made to meet in a public place, you tell a friend time details etc & check in with this friend over the course of the meet, you decide to take things further and that’s ok but be safe especially when it comes to limits….that’s the key word ‘limit’~ you know what you like and don’t, so don’t let anyone manipulate or push you into going beyond your limit and if your partner/meet-up can’t respect this, then I don’t think they are never going to respect boundaries unfortunately and that’s a shame….so please listen to your head and gut instinct- they’re always right.

Originally posted 2020-08-11 20:11:38.

3 thoughts on “Ykinmk…butt…ykiok…”

  1. You’re completely right there, if they keep pestering even after you’ve explained your preference (never mind hard limits) then they lack the maturity to be trustworthy in an intimate scenario. This has to be shouted louder! X

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