Trick or Treat

The party was in full swing, the drinks flowed, music played, a plethora of vampires, monsters, black cats, witches gyrating on the dance floor, conversations had to be shouted to be heard above the noise.

I grab myself another beer and walked over to the window, looking up at the moon, my mind begins to wander – fuck marry snog – vampire, werewolf, ghost…..I’d definitely fuck a vampire, oh my goodness to have a vampires hands on me, hell yes – I’ve got a thing for them ever since I watched Bram Stokers Dracula, bloody delicious fun, I smirk to myself at my joke. 

A gathering of Werewolf, Jason Voorhies and a ghost were drinking shots at the bar with a couple of stocking clad witches egging them on and all of this and I was bored, my friend *one of the stocking clad witches had left me alone whilst she swooned over the werewolf! 

Taking a long swig of beer, I had this weird sensation of someone behind me, I turn around but no, no one is there. I resume my stance watching the nights sky and then I felt it again- a coldness behind me, it’s over powering me, I can’t move, I can feel a hand holding my shoulder. I glance to my right and see him – the most exquisite looking vampire *surely he’ll win best dressed tonight! “Hi” is all I can manage, my mouth has gone dry, but I’ve got stirrings inside me….I’m shouting inside ‘bite me all over’, I blush at my thoughts. 

“I’ve heard your thoughts, you wish to fuck me”? I open my mouth to protest but he places his finger on my lips. “You’d like my hands on you?” How the hell does he know that, I thought to myself, “I can hear what you’re thinking” the Vampire replies. I look on in astonishment and take a sip of my drink, ‘yeh yeh….hear this oh delicious one….I dare you to bite my neck, go on’. 

A low stifled laugh brings my thoughts back to the person standing behind me, and in an instant the vamp guy has moved my hair to one side, exposing my neck, he leans in and says “Your wish is my command” and with that he gently grazes his teeth over my skin. “I bet you taste delicious?” He murmurs. 

I’m all too aware that the music has stopped, there’s no happy chattering…I glance around and nobody is moving, not one person, it’s like time has stood still.

A low quiet voice instructs me to remain still, I’m in shock I’m actually obeying what he’s said. “See I told you, I could hear your thoughts”. My heart is beating so fast, I feel it could burst out of my chest. The vampire calmly places his hand over my left breast – his thumb resting on my breast bone…his thumb starts twitching….no not twitching, it’s moving…..moving to the rhythm of my heart beat. 

I lean my head back and snuggle into his embrace, his other hand slides down my body, over my stomach feeling his way lower, he pauses at my upper thigh and his thumb starts skimming the ruffles of my skirt, he is touching my clothes so gently but I can feel it going through my body. Again his thumb starts moving – he is thumbing the pulse in my groin… heartbeat quickens and so does the tapping of his thumbs.

He kisses my neck again, I feel giddy, what is happening to me, every time he kisses my neck, my pulse changes, it gets quicker, the feeling inside me is going straight to my little bud….it’s aching… I’m aching for him to touch me down there….to fuck me….”please just fuck me now” I whimper….

I suddenly feel no embrace,I look at our reflection in the window …..I only see me, in the distance I hear the party, the music, the chattering…I look around he’s not there….did I dream it? I scan the room trying to make sense of what just happened…..surely I dreamt it? My friend the witch, lifts a glass up to tell me she has got a round in….I nod to her but am silently screaming ‘Where did he go?’, I consider my options – I either dreamt it or have had too much to drink! 

As I walk back to my friends, I involuntarily move my fingers to my neck and feel a slight graze, “Where the hell did that come from?”……..


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