To sell or not to sell…..?

I’ve debated whether or not to go down the road of selling my used knickers before and I’ve been vehemently adamant, I wouldn’t…I started selling erotic photos and videos a few months back and have recently joined onlyfans and I was loving that naughty side of me and I had been asked several times before to sell my used underwear, by some keen twitter followers and I’ve always declined….but something changed….no, it wasn’t the monetary side of it….it was more the naughtiness of it all, knowing someone wanted to have a piece of material I had worn – Underwear fetish is not for everyone and that’s ok, we would be pretty boring if we liked the same things! 

I had done my homework into this matter, researched several marketplaces and scoped out Twitter knicker sellers, I spoke to one of my friends on twitter who has delved into this intriguing side of selling underwear before and I came to the conclusion that I wanted to try. I had sold BNWT knickers on that popular online selling site….so I thought go one step further.

I contacted an online selling marketplace – I read all the online literature, googled pros and cons and thought yes this is me, I filled out the registration form, sent my photos off for verification via the online process. I was a little worried about sending a pair of knicks as verification, but with doing my research noted this was the norm for this company. The company is an American based company which services the U.K. and buddied me up with a lady who is responsible for verifying new sellers.

Now I registered, followed the rules, paid the registration fee and bam couldn’t get onto my page. I emailed the company and a buddy/mentor for help….email after email after email and no luck. After several weeks chasing them with emails I came to the sorry conclusion I had been conned…well and truly conned….more emails sent demanding my money back, even subtly threatening them with my Solicitor and the Better Business Bureau BBB: Start with Trust® | Better Business Bureau®  but nothing….so I pulled up my big girl pants up *no pun intended* flipped them the bird and decided to go it alone, this pleased the secret voyeur in me – I do love to be watched or heard *but that’s a different story for another time!!

I sold my first pairs to a lovely gentleman a few months back- his request was complied with….two pairs of laundered knickers *I gave him the choice of knickers, he made his choice and I set to work on his commission, I wrapped the knickers in tissue paper and finished off with ribbon and boom I sent my envelope off in a flurry of excitement – I was really nervous but excited. 

The feedback I received from my customer was fantastic and this has spurred me onto doing more! So all I can say is if you’re thinking of dipping your toe in this pool of exoticness….go for it, but please do your homework, knicker selling may sound exotic but there is a lot to it – full filling specific orders….my customers want and pay for an authentic, intimate, personalised experience so it’s vitally important they feel like they’re getting the attention they request….*not just with panty selling but with my Onlyfans account too….. but it’ll be worth it….yes it will!!

And in context I won’t divulge the name of the company who conned me, but what I will say is you can’t TRUST all PANTY selling sites!! 

Originally posted 2020-01-04 17:07:44.

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