the collar

The collar

She stood there, naked, the heat rising from her skin as he studied his pet from afar. He walked over to her gazing at her. She felt his gaze upon her….pulsating through to her veins. Master placed the collar around her neck and gently fixed the clasp…taking the chain in his hand he gave it a light tug “Look at you, you are beautiful my pet, now on your hands & knees”, Master instructed. “Thank you Master” she purred and did what she was instructed.

Pulling on the leash Master guided her to the gym horse “Position yourself” she folded her body over the horse and making sure she was comfortable, Master secured her ankles and wrists to the horse.

From the rack of floggers Master chose the purple leather flogger, he began by running the tails down her spine, the tails felt soft but firm enough to be noticed, she shuddered at the first touch…..aiming at her right buttock Master began the introduction of flogger to skin….light whips at first alternating between each buttock, soft impacts awakening the skin, giving the skin tingles and tickles, like little shivers…..Master then started building rhythm with the flogger, varying the strength of flogging from soft and slow to fast and hard to build the tension, unaware of the strength of impact but anticipating each one.

She started moaning and bucking her body to the impact of the flogger and steadily felt the growing heat in her pussy. Master slows down to a stop, he glides a hand over the red marks on her back and arse, “We need to make you glow”.

Hanging up the flogger he peruses the array of floggers, paddles and canes….Master chooses a riding crop next, he kisses his pet on the back and flicks the cane through the air…the sound of the crop cutting through the air makes her squeal with anticipation. The first strike makes her yelp and laugh ….Master continues building the force of each strike. Her arse starting to glow a fiery red, she’s panting after each strike but wanting more. Hard strikes sending pulses of warmth to the already reddening skin, the intensity of the snap and slap of the crop hitting the body sending different sensations to the mind…..

Master stops, steps back and admires the rosiness of her bottom, tracing his finger over the welts, he smiles at the red marks but in his mind it’s missing one more thing….

Master removes a leather paddle from the drawer and in the reflection in the mirror, she sees there are letters on the paddle….Master takes one last lash of her arse with the paddle and smirks at the pattern that’s been made PET is etched in large red letters across her arse cheek, a reminder of a thoroughly heady and satisfying journey undertaken by the two of them.

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