The Christmas i miss

At this precise moment I’m in my kitchen baking mince pies and sausage rolls, the room is filled with a gorgeous smell that brings a smile to my face- it reminds me of my childhood Christmasses….not that my mum was a keen baker but our Christmas every year was phenomenal- we all sat around the table laughing at the jokes in the crackers, dad smiling as he calls my mum his Christmas cracker! One Christmas I remember I got a bike and wow I was thrilled, I rode that bike around the house like I was Barry Sheen, remarkably no one was hurt lol. After I’d had my stint on my bike…we stopped to watch the Queens speech….afterwards we’d settle down for a Christmas movie – Dad always chose – it was always a film with a Glenn Miller soundtrack if I can recall lol….he loved the big band music….then balloon tennis over the hanging decorations- you know the ones that concertinered from one corner of the room and fixed to the lamp shade….my dad shouting “mind the bloody light” but then jumps up to be on my side!! Happy memories…..

2020 hasn’t been the most usual of years, but we have tried our best at managing the new normal…..and it seems this Christmas won’t be an exception either…I’m truly sorry if your Christmas plans have been thwarted….this unfortunately seems to be the new norm…Although I’m happy some of plans have gone out of the window….but I’m sad as we won’t be able to see my inlaws….I don’t talk about hubbys family, but we were going to do a very socially distanced present swap-with his Mum and Dad, his Dad had a stroke a few years back and is on the vulnerable list , but being in tier 4 we are weighing up to go on a non essential car journey to see his parents through the window or wait till after Christmas ?! But that’s a conundrum for another day!!

Regarding the Christmas I miss, I am thankful I have my memories to get me through when things look black….whether it’s Christmas or not….keep smiling and remembering the good times…as a wise man once said……

“A very Merry Christmas
And a happy New Year
Let’s hope it’s a good one
Without any fear”

Sparkles ✨

Originally posted 2020-12-23 13:14:21.

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