The Spa

Sexy couple kissing in a spa

Her weekend away was looking to be a washout – her husband was drinking and had been ignoring her since they arrived. She tried busying herself in a steamy novel but that didn’t help. She orders herself a drink from the bar and settles back onto the lounger, she looks round and catches a man smiling at her, she blushes and smiles back.

She resumes reading her book ‘her back arches in ecstasy as he plunges two fingers inside her’…she could feel her cheeks redden as the words jump out at her, whether it was the heady mix of wine and the steamy novel, but she looks back at the man to find him looking at her, she smiles and he smiles back.

The stranger stands up, picks up his towel and walks towards the steps to the spa and as he passes her, he smiles. She smiles back and watches him disappear down the stairs. “I’m going to check the pool out ok?” She says to her husband- he grunts back dozing in the summer sun.

Nervously she finds her way downstairs, her heart thumping – it was just a smile that’s all!! Opening the door to the spa, she sees him walking down the steps to the pool, there’s a couple in the Jacuzzi but that’s it. She hangs her towel up and walks to the steps of the pool, walking down the steps she catches his eye again, he smiles and nods “come on in, the water is lovely” he calls to her. She takes the last step, and submerges into the water.

As it’s just her and him in the pool, she takes the opportunity to take a few laps, swimming away from him and trying to distract her illicit thoughts. She used to be a good swimmer, but today she feels she’s just treading water- something was amiss, she had butterflies in her stomach at the thought of him watching her. After her fourth lap she stopped, rested for a bit then swam to the steps and climbed out of the pool, all to aware he was still watching her. His eyes were the most beautiful blue colour and they were fixed on her.

She noticed the other couple had left the spa, so she walked to the Jacuzzi and climbed in, sitting with her eyes closed she started day dreaming about him making love to her, his touch his lips. She quietly moved her hand under the water and placed it on her stomach, she gently moved her fingers down and pushed them under the band of the bikini ……imagining it was his hand….again she felt her cheeks redden and then the water shifted, he was coming down the steps to the Jacuzzi….she glanced at his hands, blushing at her thoughts – the thoughts of his hands touching her skin….in her…. on her making her moan incoherently.

She removed her hand and laughed, “What’s funny?” The man asked…”Just thinking whether it’s true that spa’s are a hot bed of sexy fun?” She says giggling. “Only one way to find out” he replies. She moves over to him and puts her hand on his knee, glancing around so nobody has entered the door, she trails her finger up his thigh and finds the restraints of his swim shorts….the slight touch on his thigh has made him rock hard….he places a hand on her right breast and starts squeezing it, taking her nipple between his fingers and pinching it. She moans in delight.

The feeling is carnal, she needs him inside her and now…they kiss with hurried ness hands all over each other, she wanted him now…she pulls down his trunks and takes his cock in her hand….she is hungry for him, pumping his shaft he is hard for her and she wants him inside her. He places his fingers on her thigh and reaches under the fabric of the bikini bottoms….two fingers are in her ….she arches her back…

They hear footsteps and laughter getting closer, he withdraws his fingers and smiles at her….two older ladies enter the spa, giggling and one by one they get into the pool, unfazed by the couple in the Jacuzzi, she turns around to see if they are looking at them. He comes behind her and whispers into her ear “Let’s continue our fun shall we?”, she nods, he holds her hips and pulls to one side her bikini bottom, he gently guides his cock to her aching pussy, gasping as he enters her. Gentle thrusts at first so not to cause attention to them….one hand is on her breast squeezing and pinching her nipple. The movement is too much to bear, she begins grinding her pussy matching his rhythm aware of the ladies swimming beside them, she stifles her groans and she lets out a little giggle and blushes in case she was heard, grinding her from behind harder and harder she’s close to orgasm and so is he, the grasping of her breast gets harder as he cums exploding inside her, her orgasm is fast and needed, she cums, her head falls back and rests on his shoulder.

She blinks and steadies herself, he pulls out of her and kisses her on the head. She turns and smiles and climbs out of the Jacuzzi, she puts on her robe and watches him adjust his shorts then get, dries him self down and walks to the door, he holds open the door and she accepts and walks ahead of him.

On the way back to her sun lounger she gets another glass of wine and a beer for hubby, placing the beer on the little table next to him, she nudges him gently, he looks up “How was the spa?” He asks and takes a gulp from his beer. “Boring, it’s a spa nothing much happening but good treatments reasonably priced” she replies without breaking eye contact. “You should treat yourself” her husband comments. She takes a sip of her wine and resumes reading her book. A little while later she glances around to find another man smiling at her…..”You know what?” She says to hubby…”I’m going to check out the treatments”, hubby nods and she stands up, smiles to the young man and walks to the steps of the spa…..

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  1. Slippery Underfoot

    Having naughty bank holiday thoughts now! Thank you for sharing Sparkletits/Hotpants, I’m still enjoying that!

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