I knew the phone call was coming, we had planned our times so we could FaceTime, but when the phone rang I instantly started blushing. “Hello” was all I could manage. His voice husky, authoritative and beautiful, I fell in love with his voice all over again. I felt calm in his presence albeit just his voice. “How are you, my lovely?”, Sir asked. “A little worried of sounding stupid in front of you to be honest”, “You could never say anything stupid”, he replied, a smile crossed my lips.

Conversation was easy with Sir, he listened to me, actually listened, he never rushed me, even if I was feeling nervous. We chatted about the weather, my job, his holiday, our plans. The conversation soon turned suggestive “Fancy playing a game?”, Sir asked. I nodded and squealed ‘yes’ down the phone. “Let’s explore your fantasies….” Sir said. I thought for a moment “Urm I’d be hoping for manhandling roughness” I said quietly. Sir lowered his voice “You’d get it…. pinned down and tied up…. I’d enjoy exploring your body…..I want to lose myself in you….I want you to love your body the way I do…”. I gasped “It’s ready to be explored and I need you to explore it”. “Are you wet”? Sir asked, “Yes very” I replied…..”Show me” Sir commanded. I placed my fingers in the waistband of my trousers and moved them l lower, feeling the lace of my panties, “Show me the effect Sir has on you”……I pushed my fingers under the damp lace and plunged them into my warm wet cunt, I pulled them out and held my glistening fingers to the camera “Beautiful” Sir remarked.

”Rub your little bud for me, but keep the camera on your face I want to see the pleasure on your face”. I did what I was asked I placed my hand back inside my knickers and with my forefinger I started rubbing lightly on my clit. A smile etched on my face as I rubbed. “I want you to cum for me”, Sir said…I rubbed faster, I was desperate to cum for him. Keeping the camera focused on my face was quite difficult, the orgasm was quickly taking hold and I nearly dropped the phone…. watching his face smiling at me pushed me over the edge “I need to cum Sir, please can I cum?” I asked him…..he nodded and I continued rubbing my enlarged, throbbing clit, two fingers now, one each side of my clit alternating with circular movements and within seconds I was cumming. My hips thrusted to meet the motion of my fingers. I was trembling, shaking, my breathing quickened, my mouth a contortion I was loud and calling HIS name as the orgasm burst through my body.

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