#sinful Sunday

A huge thank you to @littleswitchbitch for letting me infiltrate her sinful Sunday xx

As most of you know I am a self confessed pizza aficionado …..but I have another side to me….I don’t show her often but she’s there – the unashamedly brazen me. I must admit it’s only in solo play she comes out to play and I must rectify this situation.

A few years back…. I was introduced to some light spanking during a play date and I loved it, the guy was very patient with me, as it was my first stranger play date….we had discussed boundaries, likes, dislikes and things I’d love to try ….again this guy who I will refer to as J was so gentle and helped to open my mind to new likes including light impact play. Unfortunately due to work commitments and real life we never saw each other again *pulls a very sad face…..but I was hungry for more.

The realisation of wanting to be hurt, albeit light impact was scary, my childhood had hurt me and I was feeling vulnerable and recoiling in disgust for feeling this way….but I wanted to be hurt…. to feel pain …..and I want to explore more.

Originally posted 2020-02-08 13:59:59.

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