‪Yes I’m fat‬
‪Get over that‬
‪I won’t care if you don’t ‬
‪You can always get your coat ‬
‪And do one really,‬
‪I am who I am ‬
‪And if it offends you dearly,‬
‪Then off you pop‬
‪Cos I’m fat, I’m fabulous ‬
‪And I’m here to stop .‬

Since the lockdown I will admit I’ve put on weight like most of the world I expect! Thankfully it’s just around my hips and bum, not that I thought my sizeable arse could get any bigger lol…with lockdown my shift pattern at nursery changed – I wasn’t going in as much so I haven’t been exercising as much ie walking to work, running around playing endless games of ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf?’ And so on..

…..I’ve tried going for walks and have upped my steps each time I’m walk – but there’s days I can’t walk not because my legs hurt, but because my head hurts- I can’t leave the house or walk as far as I normally do as a road has triggered my anxiety- yes you heard correct – roads/routes I’ve walked a million times before sometimes set a grenade off in my head….my head is now full of scenarios of why I can’t go for a walk- each one more absurd then the last but to me – kills me….but I digress …

Getting back to my fat-

I am fat,

so get over that lol

We are not all the same, we laugh, look, live, love differently and that’s absolutely fine if we all loved the same things there would be a world shortage of pizza and that my friends would trigger a sparkles rampage!!

As one cool dude once said

“The lesson I want you to learn is: It doesn’t matter what you look like. You can be tall or short or fat or thin, or ugly or handsome, like your father, or you can be black or yellow or white. It doesn’t matter. But what does matter is the size of your heart and the strength of your character.” – Herman Munster – ‘Words of Wisdom’ 1965.

So please love yourself …you deserve it.

‪Ps…no basques were harmed in the making of this tweet ‬

Originally posted 2020-06-15 13:58:55.

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