Kinks…what are they? and does everyone have one? 

A kink or fetish can be defined as an unusual taste in sexual behaviour… Whether you’re just finding your kinks or have been practicing them for years….it’s your kink and your kink alone. Yes others may have the same, but how you go about it will differ and this has to be respected. Others may have kinks/fetishes that are different to yours and that’s perfectly fine…’s also fine to not like every kink going, but respect goes a long way and that’s where YKINMK come in *YKINMK – Your Kink Is Not My Kink*

In this post I will bring you an alternative outlook on kinks and fetishes…..Some of my followers have kindly wrote about their journeys to finding their kinks/fetishes….some maybe mainstream, where others maybe more obscure, so I implore you to respect what has been written…..afterall YKINMK!!

so let’s begin……❤️🧡💙💛♥️💜💚

Me (Hotpants)

I’m attracted to hands, there I said it! Whenever I meet a person or chat to someone I automatically check out their hands ….be it male or female….I’m attracted to their hands….that’s it….

So Hand fetishism or hand partialism or also Quirofilia is the sexual fetish for hands. This may include the sexual attraction to a specific area such as the fingers, palm or nails, the attraction to a specific action performed by the hands; which may otherwise be considered non-sexual—such as washing or drying dishes.
This fetish may manifest itself as a desire to experience physical interaction, or as a source of sexual fantasy. I imagine them on me, fingers in my hair, touching my face, brushing my lips with their fingers, holding hands, pinching my nipples, slapping my breasts, wondering how their fingers would feel inside me … mind goes into complete over drive. I have in the past secretly masturbated with those images in my head.

Skin on skin contact has got to be, in my humble opinion…the best feeling ever and adding into the mix – hands and fingers….omg this fantasy is just so sexy and sensual to me.

~ This takes me onto biting I love biting and being bitten- *Odaxelagnia this is the sexual arousal of being bitten or biting, and is often described as a mild form of Sadomasochism …… now I don’t mean going full Hannibal and biting a sizeable chunk off for lunch or afternoon tea….but for me it can be a playful nip to sinking teeth in to leave marks…. obviously consent given first and boundaries set to have it clearly understood if marks can be made and where and under no circumstances should blood ever be drawn when biting…. this in itself is a problem and could lead to infections.

Biting me – I truly love my nipples being sucked, bitten, pinched….but bitten is my favourite, I can’t describe the euphoria I feel when someone is clamping down on my nipple – only to say it takes me to a happy place, a moment of sedateness, I have yet to orgasm through nipple and breast play, but never say never!

Going back to biting I do sometimes like to inflict consenting pain on others….I have a weakness for clavicles and when I see a particularly fine set of clavicles (collarbone) I seriously have this over whelming want and need to bite….whether it’s the vampire in me who knows! But of course I resist as A) it’s a bone and should never be bitten and B) please refer to point A lol.

Voyuerism ~ I have a weakness for being watched or listened to when I am masturbating.

Voyuerism noun
•the practice of gaining sexual pleasure from watching others when they are naked or engaged in sexual activity.

When I first started on twitter this was my go to act to get off….knowing someone was watching/listening made me feel equally vulnerable and aroused. I would let horny men listen to me when playing…..the thought of them using me for their sexual pleasure bloody turned me on!

It was naughty and delicious at the same time, the thought of someone catching a glimpse of you in a physical state of orgasm. This I have gone back to, in my new sexporium on here and through my and I am loving this freedom to explore voyuerism again. Read my story on watching from afar ~ Her – My Sparkle Tits

I will probably add to this at some point but for now, I need a cuppa tea 🙂

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  1. I love to crossdress. Has been something I’ve enjoyed since my teenage years tho it has always been on my own behind closed doors. I prefer pre-loved, it’s much more of a turn on than just slipping into new, apart from shoes of course, I have big feet so have to buy new there! Would love to spend more time participating….and with someone who understands and encourages my fetish…one day! Oh and mix in some restraints too, that would be heavenly!

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