“How was your day sweetheart”? I ask him nonchalantly, “Busy, I have been flat out, I need an early night”.

The desperation in my voice is untameable, but I let out a little squeak of an answer “Oh no”….”But don’t worry I know you’ve got your friend coming over, so I’ll steer clear upstairs”…..the excitement reappears in my mind.

I pat down my dress and continue tidying up the living room, giddy with excitement at the thought of what might happen in the evening ahead.

Hubby goes to bed and I set about pouring myself a glass of wine *dutch courage!!. The doorbell rings I excitedly hurry to the door and open it….my bestie is standing there smiling, she is wearing a skirt and lace cami top….her nipples pushing at the restraints of the thin material. I invite her in show her into the living room and pass her a glass of wine. The two of us sit down on the sofa and start chatting & laughing….. my friend is touching my leg and I have goosebumps at how good it feels to have her touching me, my friend has noticed my reaction to her touch…”let’s play a game of dare” she suggests…”Have you ever kissed another woman?. I answer quickly “No, but have always wanted to” and with that my friend leans in for a kiss, I back off at first then see her beautiful pouting lips my mind and body responds so I lean in and gently meet her kiss…..my head is dizzy and my nipples harden as we kiss, I lean in closer…. we kiss more passionately, her tongue begins to explore my mouth then she notices my hardened nipples poking out through my dress…. She cups my breast gently in her hand and starts slowly thumbing my nipple.

Startled I pull back a little, I look at my friend and we were soon kissing again deeper more passionately then she undoes my dress exposing my teal lace bra…she bends her head and starts kissing my breast.

*I shouldn’t be doing this, but it feels so good *


In my haste, I realised I forgot to bring a beer upstairs with me, I’m sure they won’t mind if I nip down and grab one. I quietly make my way downstairs and I can hear giggling and gasps.

Wondering what’s happening, I look through the crack in the door and amazed at what I see…..my wife is being kissed by another woman.

Watching my wife and her friend becoming intimate…I look away afraid of what this means for us, but my interest is peaked and I look back, two bodies hot for each other, my wife in bliss, as her friend slips a finger inside her….that should be me….I’m shaking at the thought….I move to get up- to stop this, but I find myself moving my hand to my cock which is hard at the scene in front of me, I unzip my trousers and slowly start to tease myself, taking one finger and circling my exposed head with my foreskin right back, gripping my shaft I stroke up and down, feeling the sensation building in my balls, my breathing is shallow and fast. My cock is throbbing and swollen, sensitive to each stroke up and down, my hand slick with pre ejaculate making it slippery and smooth to wank even harder.


I look up and find my wife’s friend watching me, fingers deep in my wife’s pussy, as my wife’s writhes in ecstasy…the friend then slips a finger in her own cunt, …. takes her finger out, and with out breaking eye contact licks her finger and starts rubbing her clit….she’s struggling to hold back the orgasm as she is finger fucked and with a shudder and with a gasp my wife cums hard.

I can’t stop myself waves of pleasure building. I’m close to cumming….watching the friend, her cheeks are rosy and her body is shaking as she climaxes to the throbbing stimulation of her clitoris…. my cock is aching as I feel my balls tighten and the warm ooze of cum squirting out. I stifle a moan as I cum ….thick and slimy, an explosion of pleasure fills me as my sperm squirts out.

I look back at my wife and her friend and they are sitting there giggling and hugging, I zip up my trousers, quietly stand up and go back upstairs.

We drink our wine and she gets up to leave, we kiss goodbye and arrange to meet the next week, I wave as she drives off- I close the door refill my glass and take the bottle up to bed.

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  1. Ooooo! HOT! HOT! HOT! I want to know what your friend was thinking when she realised he was watching! What did you think about your hubby wanking-off as he watched you? What happened when you went upstairs???? XXX

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