Guest story – A Pizza The Action.

“You know what?”

She said as they relaxed on the sofa together, binging on a box set.

“I’m hungry and horny!”

His jaw it the floor.

“Um I’ll see what’s in the fridge…”

“No!” She cut him off “Go & get us a pizza, it’ll be worth it I promise”

He reached for his mobile “No!” she stressed “Go out and get a pizza” she looked him square in the eyes, winked and licked her lips. “I’ll be waiting for you to return”

He picked up his jacket and keys and left the flat as fast as he dared. 2 mins later he text:

*What Pizza U Want? Xx*

*Something HOT and Spicy 😈* came the reply.

I see. So? You want anything else? Some balls perhaps? *wide eyed emoji*

The flirting intensified as he made his way to the take away.

Mmmm yes! Some large balls, better get something to dip them in too x *wink emoji*

OK I’ll make sure you get some large balls, and you get to dip them lol.

Then he cranked it up another notch.

Anything else? Drink? Wedges? Your rim filled?


Did you want the stuffed crust? *laugh out loud emoji*

*Multiple laugh out loud emoji* Well, I was hoping for a deep one. Hot, Spicy and Deep…. *wink emoji*

OK I’ve ordered it’ll be about 10-15 mins, see you in about half hour.

Sure enough around half an hour later he arrived home with pizza. The door was locked but his key wouldn’t turn. With that the door was swung open, she was stood in the hallway wearing heels, fishnets, a short, satin nighty and a dressing gown.

 “Oh!” she fawned “is that mine?”

“Umm Yes(?)” he answered not quite sure where this was going.

“Well, now you see” she placed a finger under his chin “I’m really sorry but I have no money with which to pay you this evening.” She looked him full in the eyes.

He stepped inside and slammed the door behind himself realising exactly where this was going. “Well, lets see if we can’t work out some sort of payment plan” he answered. “How big is my pizza?” she enquired placing emphasis on the word “big”. “It’s 12 inches, 12 hot and spicy inches”. 

“Oh” She feigned surprise and innocence “And how big are you?” 

“8” He lied through a straight face, they both knew this but both played along “Plus there’s a side of dough balls with a creamy dip to take into account too”.

“Oh I say! Well maybe I could take a couple of payments of your 8 against the 12?” she tilted her head to one side and tried to look coy. He smiled

“What about my balls?” he said with as straight a face as he could.

“Oh yes I’ll take care of the balls, I’ll even make sure you get to sample the creamy dip too…” She turned and headed to the bedroom.

He placed the pizza and sides in the kitchen and quickly followed, undressing as he went.

On reaching the bedroom she was laid on the bed, her robe removed, knees together & showing off her stockinged thighs. As he entered she opened her legs.

“Fancy a slice?” She smiled a huge smile across her face as his eyes met her pussy, a pussy who’s pubic hair was trimmed into a very neat, tidy tall, small inverted triangle, almost the shape of a slice of pizza. This had been planned for a while. She then moved the fingers of both hands down and spread herself wide. “See! I have my own creamy dip you can sample here too!”

Her cunt oozed with the anticipation, his cock was rock solid as he stood before her at the foot of the bed.

“What was the order again? Hot & Spicy? Maybe you better sample the meat and make sure it’s to your taste..” She sat up and moved towards him at the end of bed and without saying anything took his cock in her hand, looked him dead in the eye and put it in her mouth. The cock in her mouth muffled the groan she emitted as she sucked, up and down, slowly and with purpose enjoying every inch of his manhood that filled her down to her throat. She stopped her sucking for a moment.

“I bet this would take great with my dip”

A smile spread across his face. “I’ll sample it first if that’s OK” he suggested before gently arranging her back on the mattress before joining her between her legs. Her cunt quivered in anticipation as he gently stroked around it before gripping her by the thighs and parting her with his thumbs, almost in one motion he moved his face towards her entrance and gave one long deliberate lick right along her wet and creamy slit before forcing his tongue in as far and as deep as he could. 

A moan ripped through her as her body shook on the bed. With that he sat up. “Mmmm yes the dip is good” he said before climbing on top of her and in almost one movment penetrating her warm, wet, sticky slit. Her moaning intensified, “Fuck me harder” she begged. “Deeper?” he questioned. “Whatever just fuck me hard for all your worth” she cried, pulling him into her as deep as she could. Three long, deep, thrusts later he stopped and withdrew before kneeling over her face.

“Well? How does it taste with the dip?” She cupped his balls and enthusiastically sucked his glistening shaft. “Mmm you taste good. I taste good” she corrected herself. He looked down at her, sucking her creamy residue off of his thick rigid prick. “Well, what was the final answer to a non conventional filling?” 

She looked at him and a glisten appeared in her eye. She removed the cock from her mouth, smiled and then turned around. “Stuff my crust!” She demanded, turning around and spreading her anus wide.

He smiled and positioned himself but not before aggressively inserting three fingers into her sticky cunt and coating his cock in the resulting residue before gently easing into her inviting ass.

“Oh yes” she cried. “That is so filling…”…..”I remember you saying you wanted it deep..” he replied. “Oh shut up and fuck my ass” she demanded as she reached around and flicked her clit in time with his pounding.

“Mmm mmm, yes oh god yes” she cried as another orgasm ripped through her body. Just then he withdrew and cock from her, flipped her over onto her back before kneeling over her crotch, wanking.

“Urrgghh” he let out a low groan along with several thick jets of warm sticky cum all over her exquisitely presented genitals.

“Complimentary extra topping”

Oh & the pizza he was sent out for? …..It went cold.

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