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As I said I will bring you an alternative outlook on kinks and fetishes…..Some of my followers have kindly wrote about their journeys to finding their kinks/fetishes….describing their likes and dislikes to particular kinks/fetishes, some maybe mainstream, where others maybe more obscure, so I implore you to respect what has been written…..afterall YKINMK!!

Guest post ~ Kinks ~ CFNM Clothed Female Naked Male ~ anon

Why do I enjoy Clothed Females Naked Males? I’m not submissive. I’m not into BDSM or pain for sexual pleasure. I don’t think I’m keen on being bossed around, but I don’t mind taking instructions from a clothed lady. I guess it makes me feel vulnerable. I’ve always been an “alpha male” I guess. Captain of the school football team. A manager of teams through most of my work career. Maybe it’s this role reversal that excites me so much.

I first experienced this kink when video chat websites started becoming popular. Chatroulette was making headlines as some “celebrities” were on there. I thought I would have a look. Before I knew it, I had stumbled across a naked guy. Then another. I thought this was a bit odd, as this was like virtual flashing and not something I’d ever consider doing. I carried on using the website though. I remember connecting with a lady and chatting to her about how many naked guys she’d seen on there. She commented that she was surprised I wasn’t naked. I enquired if that is what she wanted……and she said yes. I undressed in front of her. It was exhilarating. I became aroused. She told me to touch myself. I didn’t last long.

I used Chatroulette and Omegle for a while to find ladies like her. I was never sitting there naked. I’d always start fully clothed. I’d always strike up a conversation and see where it went. I was fortunate enough to make a friend on KIK, a lady from Canada, who loved seeing me naked. We started connecting on Omegle for late night chats. Her fully clothed and me in various states of undress. It was so much fun.

I have never managed to experience CFNM in a sexual way in person. I have been for numerous massages where I am naked and the lady is clothed, but it is not sexual, even if my dick disagrees!

Now I get my kicks via my phone. I’m lucky enough to have a lovely couple of ladies who enjoy watching me on Snapchat. They’ve watched me shower, and are always good enough to let me share. I have some lovely friends on Twitter who also don’t mind me sending nudes to them. Just knowing that a lady has seen me naked is a major turn on.

I am hopeful that at some point I will experience it in person. I haven’t thought about how. I guess just meet for a tea or coffee and I’ll be naked and the lady clothed. Whatever happens, I’ll be happy. Just writing this piece for a friend and bringing back all those memories has been arousing. Until next time…….


Guest post ~ Kinks ~ DD/lg ~ anon

I have been involved in kink for a while and there is a lot of acceptance for many kinks. However I have gotten a lot of disapproval for the kink my girlfriend and I share. We are into Daddy Dom little girl play. This is not incest masked, I don’t want to sleep with my daughter and she doesn’t want to sleep with her father. That said, there is an element of taboo that appeals to the both of us.

She gets very excited when I tell her that I am going to make her a big girl, and it drives me wild when asks if she can suck Daddy’s cock. This is roleplay between two consenting adults and nothing more. Yet we are often treated as if we are pushing the boat out a bit to far. I can understand their opinion up to a point. It would be very abusive if this wasn’t entered into with full consent or if she was underage. But what part of BDSM couldn’t be considered abusive by the wider world? I have seen beatings and blood play, cock and ball torture and so many other forms of kink that would be completely illegal under the Geneva Convention and nary an eyebrow is raised. 

None of us knows what created or influenced our kinks and neither can we help what turns us on. What separates our kinks from abuse is the key concept of fully informed consent. So please follow the golden rule of kink. 

Your kink is not my kink but your kink is OK. And afford us the same respect and you would anyone else that practices kink. It works for us and we are not hurting anyone so just smile for us because we have found someone whose kinks match ours.


Guest post ~ Kinks ~ Messy Sex ~ anon

Well I’ve lots of kinks but I do love really messy sex especially through anal, having the feeling of shit on my cock and balls and it’s even better if shes on her period – I get to fuck her bloody pussy first getting clots and slimy blood all over my cock and balls then pushing my blood soaked dick straight into her ass getting really messy before spunking deep In her dirty ass …..when it first happened it was by accident when she got shitty, I wasn’t embarrassed or nervous nor was she so we just kept going … top this, I then watch her holes twitch as she pushes the brown spunk out her arsehole. 

I love watersports too, pissing on each other and drinking her wee and her drinking mine, I’ve also pissed in a woman pussy and ass quite a few times and lived watching the golden liquid dribbling oozing out of her holes.


Guest post ~ Kinks ~ Pegging ~ anon

What interests me about pegging.

I think the thing that got me interested in anal play and prostate massage was the film road trip. After seeing the nurse make stiffer cum by putting her fingers up his back passage it made me wonder if it could really be done.

I experimented with fingers first while masturbating, this brought alot more pleasure to the experience but not the elusive prostate milking orgasm.

So I moved onto a butt plug, I inserted this and began to ride it the feeling was amazing but I still had to finish myself off manually.

I bought a prostate massager and after using this numerous times I am still not achieving a hands free orgasm.

All the time while I have been trying out these different methods of hands free prostate orgasm, one thing that has always interested me and also got me turned on was the thought of a woman pegging me.

I have watched lots of pegging porn and the way women seem to caress a cock so nicely and delicately is such a turn on.

Also the thought of being submissive to a dominant woman is a big turn on for me too, maybe even having a woman tie me up and have her way with me too.

I would love to be able to try this one day and I hope I will but for now I have to stick to my prostate massager and butt plugs.

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