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As I said I will bring you an alternative outlook on kinks and fetishes…..Some of my followers have kindly wrote about their journeys to finding their kinks/fetishes….describing their likes and dislikes to particular kinks/fetishes, some maybe mainstream, where others maybe more obscure, so I implore you to respect what has been written…..afterall YKINMK!!

Guest post ~ Girls peeing

Not sure what got me into it really. I think it was having a heart to heart with a friend in her bathroom and she needed a wee, she just pulled her knickers down and went for it & had a wee….she wasn’t embarrassed or concerned I was watching ….it turned me on loads. 

I think as it’s something that’s not normally typically associated with being sexual, something that you wouldn’t get to see, so to see a beautiful pussy peeing is something special. To make it even better it’s when the girl is squatting, when they get caught short outside, this I find especially arousing when they are trying not to be caught but I catch a glimpse of them.

Pregnant girls-

Not a kink I suppose, but I love seeing pregnant women, just seeing how their body develops, flourishing into motherhood. Their boobs transform and swell and their nipples darken and grow. This beautiful transformation knowing that her gorgeous pussy has been filled by a cock, thoroughly fucked and impregnated. The whole scenario is utterly glorious. 

And this brings me on to –


Boobs- again not really a kink but a love. I love all shapes and sizes. Not overly a fan of artificial ones, I prefer natural breasts in all their glory – they can be small or large… firm or saggy ….I love them all and love to see them. I must admit I have trouble focusing when I spot a good pair of breasts, the jiggle when walking and especially when being on a hot beach in Spain, this is a challenging time as I can’t stop looking at them.

 I was in Tenerife and I was out for a walk with my mate. It was red hot and super sunny. We were walking along the front and this girl was walking the other way. She had denim hot pants on and black vest that had low cut arm holes. She must have spotted me looking at her, well in her direction anyway as I had my sun glasses on. She was walking with her boyfriend and as we got close she went and pulled her arm across her chest to reveal her boob to me, my god it was fantastic. She looked me straight in the eyes when she did it then as she pass, I turned to look at her and she lifted her shorts leg up against her bum cheek. It blew my mind!!

I think this is why I like a girl peeing as in theory you’re not meant to see.

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